The Fight for Birth Control is Far from Over

Birth Control Review 1919bUnder health care reform, women are to have access to contraception without paying a co-pay. Last week, President Obama defended women’s health by not backing down from this guarantee. To seek a compromise with religious groups opposed to contraception, the President announced that women who work for religiously affiliated employers will access contraception directly from the insurance company rather than their employer.

Members of Congress are still trying to pass legislation to repeal the contraception coverage requirement. The Senate could be considering legislation as early as today!

Call your U.S. Senators and share your feelings on preventative health care for women and legislation that would take away women's access to birth control without a co-pay. Please make these important calls today - you can reach Senator Casey's Office at 202.224.6324 and Senator Toomey's Office at 202.224.4254.


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