Roe v. Wade Twitter Rally

Friday, January 20th the We’ve Had Enough Campaign will be commemorating the 39th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that made it legal for a woman to choose an abortion. Yet, despite the fact that abortion is a legal and safe medical procedure, and has been for the better part of four decades, there still exists those people who seek to undermine that legal right.

This is why we need to stand up and say “We’ve Had Enough.” If you cannot come out to one of the events going on through out Pennsylvania join them on Twitter from noon to 1:00 for an Online Rally. People will be live tweeting from the events and we want to hear from you why you have had enough and what the decision in Roe means to you.

All you need to do is follow @wevehadenoughpa and #roevwade and then tweet from your own account what your thoughts are on the Anniversary of Roe and the attacks against women’s health. Please use #roevwade in your tweets so we can be sure to see what you are saying as well!

Below are some sample tweets you are welcome to use.
  • To me the #roevwade decisions means…..
  • Stop the attacks on women in PA! I am watching! #roevwade #wevehadenough
  • Thanks to #roevwade abortion is legal but without access to a safe procedure a women’s decision is taken away.
  • On the Anniversary of #roevwade join the @wevehadenoughpa as we tell legislators to stop limiting access to safe #abortion care.
  • Women's reproductive health has been under constant attack! On the Anniversary of #rovevwade join as we say #wevehadenough
  • It's our body, it should to be our choice right? Not according to many legislators. Tell them #wevehadenough #roevwade 
If you would like to write more than 140 characters you are welcome to write a blog post for the We've Had Enough Blog.   You can email them to If you have any questions feel free to contact 215-351-5510.


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