Harrisburg Update

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania photomontageLast week the state Supreme Court overturned the Legislature`s new maps for 2012 House and Senate races, leaving current districts in place until a five-member commission that designed the plan fixes the court`s concerns. The 4-3 decision gave a glimmer of hope to lawmakers opposed to the changes in the Legislative Reapportionment Commission`s plan.

Sen. Jay Costa, D-Allegheny, one of those who appealed the commission`s maps, said the court decision would present an opportunity to argue for keeping the Brewster seat. Stephen Miskin, spokesman for House Majority Leader Mike Turzai, R -Allegheny, said Turzai believes the plan that was submitted “met the standards, and conditions set forth in the Constitution” and in legal precedent. “Until we get an opinion, we can`t know what needs to be fixed but will respond accordingly,” Miskin said. Click here to read a Pittsburgh Tribune Review article for further details.


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