It Has Been a Tough Week for Women’s Health in PA – Help Stand Up for Women!

Philadelphia Reading Railroad Bridge 01The bad news started on Monday, when the PA House of Representatives passed HB 1977 by a vote of 146-45. This bill would ban private health insurance plans sold in the yet-to-be established Pennsylvania health exchange from covering abortion services - even if the woman's health is at risk! This bill is now awaiting action by the PA Senate.

The bad news continued into Tuesday and Wednesday when the House and then Senate passed SB 732, the incredibly burdensome regulations bill that threatens to shut down safe abortion providers in Pennsylvania - leaving women without access to this important medical procedure! The bill, which isn't supported by a single medical group, is now sitting on the Governor Corbett's desk awaiting his signature.

This is where YOU come in!
You can tell the Governor what you think about the bill by calling him at 717-787-2500. Below is a sample message you are welcome to use or you can send a message in your own words:

My name is _________ from ____(city/town)____ and I'm calling to urge Governor Corbett to VETO Senate Bill 732. There is not a single medical group in support of the bill. On behalf of the women and families in Pennsylvania, PLEASE stop this attack on access to safe, legal medical care.

Thank you to our friends at WOMEN’S WAY for putting this alert together.


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