Harrisburg Takes a Step to Help Stop Human Trafficking

Yesterday, the National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline Act (SB 338) was unanimously voted out of the Senate Labor & Industry Committee! This state legislation would require posting of the National Human Trafficking Hotline - 1-888-3737-888 - so trafficking victims can call to get help or individuals can call if they see anything suspicious.

The Hotline is a run by a national organization called the Polaris Project. They answer calls 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Calls can be kept confidential or if a response is needed the Polaris Project will link the caller with local police and/or a social services agency.

The legislation requires posting of the hotline number at locations where trafficking victims might see it including: hotels, motel, bars, restaurants, and bus stops. It could be a lifeline for someone being trafficked or a way for someone to take action when they see something they believe is trafficking occurring.

The Philadelphia Anti-Trafficking Coalition, of which PathWays PA is a member, is excited that this bill has moved out of Committee and will continue working to ensure passage by both houses and a Governor’s signature.


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