Stop Foreclosures- Save HEMAP: Rally and Lobby Day

From our friends at PUP

Tuesday, September 27
Rally 1 PM Capitol Rotunda
Free Bus leaves Philadelphia at
8:30 AM from 16th and JFK

  • The Homeowners Emergency Mortgage Assistance program (HEMAP) was suspended July 1 due to state budget cuts.
  • HEMAP, which has saved the homes of over 45,000 Pennsylvania families since 1984, offers low interest loans to allow homeowners to stay in their homes during temporary economic problems like unemployment, illness, etc.
  • With the unemployment and foreclosure crisis continuing into its 4th year, with no end in sight, PA needs mortgage help for our citizens. This is no time to end a successful program protecting deserving homeowners.
  • Come to Harrisburg on September 27 to support the $15 million needed to keep HEMAP available to PA homeowners.
  • Call 215-557-0822 to reserve a seat and check our web page at

Sponsored by the Pennsylvania Save Our Homes Coalition
C/o Philadelphia Unemployment Project 112 N. Broad St. Phila., PA 19102
215-557-0822 labor donated


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