This Week in Harrisburg - August 8-August 12, 2011

EinarmbanditThe legislature remains in recess, but has been holding several public hearings ranging from Natural Gas to Child Labor. In addition, Pennsylvania slot machines hit a monthly record this July as $218.3 million dollars were collected in revenue.

This increase is largely attributed to the opening of the tenth casino in Pennsylvania this past fall. In July 2010 only 24, 903 slot machines were operating statewide. This figure increased to 26,403 in July 2011 leading to an increase in revenue and an increase in tax dollars as Pennsylvania collected 3.4 percent higher profits from the casinos in 2011 than 2010. This led to a collection of $118.8 million dollars by the state. Not all slot machines were accruing successful profits though, as the nine previously open casinos suffered losses this July. Their slot machine revenue was down 3.5 percent in July compared to 2010’s revenue. This is observed as Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs suffered a 2.4 percent decline in revenue to $20.7 million. Mount Airy Casino only saw marginal gains of 0.75 percent, making it one of the three casinos to show an increase to 14.5 million.


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