Please Join The Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania To Discuss the Effect of the Federal Budget on Delaware County

Map of Delaware County, Pennsylvania(From our friends at the Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania)

More than 700 individuals and 500 families are known to be homeless in Delaware County, according to the recent point in time survey. 8,500 people applied for HEMAP in 2010 meaning they were seeking help with a foreclosure. There are 1/4 as many apartments that are both affordable and available for every 100 renters with incomes of about $20,000 a year or less (±$11/hour, FT) Ambulance Drivers and Attendants, Cashiers, Child Care Workers and Preschool Teachers, Waiters and Waitresses, Home Health Aides and Pharmacy Techs.

At the same time, the Low Income Housing Tax Credit, Public Housing/Housing Choice vouchers, CDBG, HOME and many other housing programs can and are making a difference to the most vulnerable people in the community. And these programs create jobs and help the local economy.

Please join The Housing Alliance on Monday, July 26th at 1:00 p.m. to discuss on-going advocacy activities and strategy in Delaware County regarding the federal budget for 2012.

The call in number is 866-740-1260 code 2811137. Please feel free to forward to other interested parties.


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