- Connecting Philadelphia's Non-Profit Community

A new site – – aims to empower local non-profits with news, networking and easy fundraising tools. The site, which is still in its beta stages, bills itself as “Inspiration’s hometown.”

For it’s news section, it focuses on the beneficial work non-profits are doing in the community, sorting by focus area. So for those who want to find out what’s happening within the worlds of advocacy & civil rights, animal welfare, arts & culture, education, the environment, health & recreation or social services, they’ll be able to have a clearinghouse for much of the work being done in the Delaware Valley.

The site goes about funding in much the same way as Kickstarter – a goal is posed, and funds are raised through pledges of microdonations, and it’s all done on a project-basis. Popular current projects include a spay and neuter program, a soccer scholarship for under-priveleged children, a diabetes walk and the Mural Arts Program.

In addition to these capacity building programs on the site, Generocity will enable local non-profits to network with each other through the community. Individual profiles can be followed, and communication can be fostered about partnerships and project progress. In addition, a directory of non-profits helps guide community members toward those organizations best suiting their areas of interest, and helps with the recruitment of volunteers, placement of clients and capacity building of partnerships.

The site is already growing into an excellent resource for our community, and will help out countless Philadelphians down the road.


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