Use Your Superpowers to Support Paid Sick Days

Dialog gr 1972As a kid, I wanted to be Wonder Woman. I watched the old TV show reruns, wore the Wonder Woman underroos, and pretended that every bracelet could repel bullets.

Even though I am a "grown-up," there is still part of me that wants to be Wonder Woman, which is why I am so excited that MomsRising is partnering with PathWays PA and the Coalition for Healthy Families and Workplaces to help harness the superpowers that we have in support of paid sick days.

Using these powers is a lot easier than finding a magic lasso (believe me, I tried!). All you have to do is pick up your phone and call your City Councilperson. MomsRising has also set up a phone number to use to call the Mayor and tell him of your support - 888-892-2110.

Here is a sample script you can use:

"I am calling today to let Councilperson _____ (or Mayor Nutter) know that I strongly support Bill 080474, Promoting Healthy Families and Workplaces, and I expect the Councilperson to support it as well. This bill will ensure that families can earn sick days when they work so they don't have to choose between the jobs they need and the families they love. Do you know if the Councilperson plans to vote for the bill?"

Need to find the name of your councilperson? Visit the City Council website.
Need to learn more about the bill? Download our FAQ.

Please use your powers to make the call today. Together, we can be superheroes to the 200,000 Philadelphians without paid sick days.

(Please let us know what you learned on the MomsRising website!)


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