Earned Sick Days Bill Vetoed by Mayor Nutter

At around 2 PM yesterday, the Mayor announced he would be holding a press conference later in the afternoon to discuss the paid sick days bill at the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.  So it was no great shock when, at 4:45 (after unsuccessful attempts in the Chamber offices to have Coalition members leave the premises), the mayor vetoed the bill behind closed doors.

Despite this veto, PathWays PA and the Coalition for Healthy Families and Workplaces will continue working with City Council to do everything possible to support the 71 percent of Philadelphians who want paid sick days and the 210,000 workers (and their families) who need them.  Please continue to visit the Coalition's website, post on the Facebook page, and let us know what you are thinking via Twitter.  We will certainly be doing the same!

Below are some articles from the media on the veto.


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