Support Restoring Even Start Funding

The Even Start Family Literacy Program, the only federal education program for low income families that teaches literacy skills to both parents and children, was eliminated from the Federal budget for FY 2011-2012. A long term budget for FY 2012-2013 is still being debated in Congress.

The Even Start program provides parents with the skills necessary to teach their children while advancing their own education and improving family relationships. Even Start helps parents develop basic skills they need to identify job training programs and prepare for employment opportunities as they help their children enter school ready to learn. Children who participate in the Even Start program demonstrate significant learning gains--preparing them for success in school and life.

Despite state evaluations and data documenting the success of Even Start, funding has diminished by 70% over the last five years. Elimination of this vital program will have devastating effects in the fight against illiteracy among children and adults. In these tough economic times, it is critical for our nation to help families increase their education and economic security. Protecting the Even Start Family Literacy Program will help ensure that those most in need continue to gain the necessary skills that will help them find jobs, achieve economic security, and build successful futures.

Please sign this petition and let the President and Congress know that education is the key and it is the best investment for our nation. Please support restoring funding for the Even Start Family Literacy Program and advocate on behalf of children and families.

This information provided by PAACE.


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