March is National Nutrition Month

In recognition of National Nutrition Month, the Community Health Data Base released data on adult nutrition and access to fresh food from the 2010 Southeastern Pennsylvania Household Health Survey.

The data show that many adults in our region may not be getting the nutrition their bodies require. Survey results also show that in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties, some adults don’t have access to the fresh fruits and vegetables they need for a healthy diet.

Findings from the study include:
- Nearly half of adults (18+) in Southeastern Pennsylvania eat fewer than three servings of fruits or vegetables each day.
- About one in eight (12.9%) SEPA adults living below the Federal Poverty Line describe their experience finding fruit and vegetables in their neighborhood as difficult or very difficult, compared to one in twenty five (3.8%) adults living above the Federal Poverty Line.
- 30.6% of adults who have a difficult time finding fruits or vegetables in their neighborhood describe their health as fair or poor.

The above information was provided by our friends at PHENND and the Community Health Data Base website.

Pathway’s Path$ 2 Benefits initiative is a resource to help SEPA families access the nutrition they need. Path$ to Benefits can help families by offering specific tools and strategies which build financial literacy and savings. Path$ 2 Benefits can assist families in accessing resources and benefits such as SNAP (food stamps). Families who take part in the Path$ 2 Benefits program have a real opportunity to change their lives for the better.

Call PathwaysPA at 610-543-5022 or 800-377-8846 for more information.


  1. Great job!!!!!!!!Congrats PHENND and the Community health. Thanks for sharing this informative tips. Keep it up.


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