"Just One Crisis... Forces Them Into The Depths of Poverty."

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Since the first edition of the Pennsylvania Standard in 1997, the self-sufficiency wage for an adult with one infant and one preschooler has increased by more than 65 percent, and health care has more than doubled.

Because it costs so much to live in Chester County, the self-sufficiency limit is higher than other areas of the state. The self-sufficiency standard for Chester County in 2010 for two adults and one infant preschooler is an adjusted gross yearly household income of $76,690. In Pennsylvania, it's $53,077, a difference of more than $23,000.

"Affordable housing in Chester County is one of the issues we find people struggling with right now," said Lyn Kugel, director of self-sufficiency at Pathways, a multi-service, multi-county social service organization for families based in Wawa, Pa.


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