Earned Sick Days Bill Moves Out of Committee

Yesterday, after a packed rally and a long but successful hearing, the Philadelphia Public Health and Human Services Committee voted to move the Promoting Healthy Families and Workplaces Bill out of Committee.

We would like to thanks members of the Coalition and all those who have shown support for this bill over the last two years. We have fought hard and have moved one step closer to ensuring all Philadelphia workers have the opportunity to earn paid sick days.

Please contact the members of the Committee to thank them for their vote and remember to thank the sponsors of the bill, Councilman Clarke and Councilman Greenlee.

Moving Forward

While we all need to take a moment to celebrate this victory there is still a lot of work to be done to ensure final passage of this bill. Below are just a few ways you can help:

Write a Letter to Members of City Council
Call Your City Council Member
Sign a Petition
Share Your Story

If you are able to do any of the above please let us know by emailing kscully@pathwayspa.org.


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