Help Stop the Repeal of Health Care Reform

Legislation is set to be introduced on Friday, January 7th that would repeal the Affordable Care Act. This bill is scheduled for a vote on Wednesday, January 12th.
Think of all the people you know who will benefit from the Affordable Care Act:
  • Over 2 million seniors on Medicare in Pennsylvania have already started enjoying Free Preventive Care thanks to the Affordable Care Act.
  • Another 2 million in Pennsylvanians have pre-existing conditions and will finally receive protection from insurance company discrimination.
  • Over 150,000 small businesses are eligible for tax-breaks.
  • Then there are all the youth under 26 who can now stay on their parent's insurance plan.
Please sign a petition against repeal and forward it to your friends and family. We cannot go backwards to a country where getting sick means we can lose everything.

If you are on Facebook join the new cause: Say NO to Repeal! Protect the Affordable Care Act.


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