Take Action on adultBasic

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As we mentioned a few weeks ago, nearly 43,000 adults in Pennsylvania may be losing their health insurance early next year when adultBasic, an affordable health care option for adults who have recently lost health coverage and meet certain income guidelines, runs out of money.  In addition to writing a letter to legislators in support of the program, there is also an opportunity to sign on to a letter asking the Governor-elect to take action on adultBasic.  People using the adultBasic system can also tell their stories to Athena Ford so that those stories can be shared with legislators and the news media.

adultBasic is close to running out of money due to a cut in funding from the state Tobacco Settlement and lower-than-expected payment rates from insurance companies who fund the programs.  As The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports, most adultBasic funding comes from the state's Blue Cross/Blue Shield companies, who in past years have contributed between $81.9 million and $102.6 million per year to the program. This funding was due to come to an end in December 2010, although The Post-Gazette says "there long has been an expectation that it would be renewed."

People in every county in the state rely on adultBasic for healthcare.  In addition to the 43,000 Pennsylvanians using the program at a subsidized rate, another 3,600 pay $600 per month for healthcare through adultBasic, and more than 464,000 are on a waiting list to receive care.  Please take a moment to take action, whether through writing your legislators, writing to the governor-elect, or telling your story.  Your action can make a difference.


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