Hunger is Very Real in Philadelphia and the US

Chicken egg 2009-06-04By now, many of you may have seen the articles in The Philadelphia Inquirer by Alfred Lubrano showing the impact of hunger in Philadelphia, specifically in the First Congressional District.  These articles show the faces of many who are hungry in Philadelphia, and the consequences of this hunger on children and families, including:
A report released yesterday by the US Department of Agriculture shows that 15% of US households “didn’t have access at all times to enough food for an active, healthy life,” making those households food insecure.  More than 23% of children in the US are food insecure.

In order to help hungry families and children, we need a strong Child Nutrition bill that will not cut other food-related work supports.  Please take a moment to contact your legislators about the need to help hungry families throughout the country.

For more information about hunger in Philadelphia, you can visit The Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger and/or listen to yesterday's WHYY conversation on hunger in our community.  If you or your family are among the many food insecure families in the area, please call PathWays PA at 610-543-5022 to get help applying for SNAP (food stamps).  Remember, you may qualify for SNAP even if you work, and even if you only qualify for the minimum SNAP benefit, you can save $200 or more each year.


  1. Think about the wholesome-looking egg in the photo. It has all the nutrients required for a healthy chick to grow. If only we could be sure our children will have the nutrients they need for optimal development of brains and bodies.


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