Health Policy Report

During the past quarter, health policy has centered on five major subjects: health care reform, health insurance, the health care workforce, health information technology, and geriatric care. Please click here to read a discussion of the developments in each policy area and the implications of such developments for providers, employers, employees, and consumers in the health care industry.

The discussed health policy developments indicate important trends occurring in health care right now relevant to all participants in the health care sector. Key trends to follow and be aware of in upcoming months and years include the push for more accessible and user-friendly health care and health insurance for all Americans, the fortification of the health care workforce with special focus placed on primary care workers and health IT workers, the transition from paper medical charts to EMRs, the increase in opportunities for low-income, disadvantaged, and minority populations to receive adequate health care and gain employment in the health care sector, and finally, the provision of competent and informed care to geriatric patients. To learn about all this and more please see the full report.

- Ariel Albright


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