Connecting Kids to CHIP Coverage

On Monday October 18, Senator Bob Casey and other dignitaries spoke with students at Philadelphia’s Horace Furness High School to congratulate them on high enrollment in the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). After a few words from Principal Timothy McKenna on Furness’ increasing achievement and attendance levels and an enthusiastic welcome from Furness High’s cheerleaders, Senator Casey issued a challenge to everyone in the room to promote CHIP among family and friends so that soon every child will have affordable health care. According to Casey, with health care, children can participate fully in activities and sports, be more attentive in school, and get better more quickly when illness or injury arises.

US Secretary for Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, a member of President Obama’s Cabinet and former governor of Kansas, echoed Senator Casey’s call to connect 100% of kids with health care coverage, and expressed a commitment to keep children healthy to encourage learning and later effective membership in the workforce. She too called on schools, families and friends to reach out and invest in kids and in health care in Pennsylvania and across the country.

Other public figures who spoke at the event included Dr. Leroy D. Nunery, Deputy Superintendent of the School District of Philadelphia, Congressman Chaka Fattah of the 2nd District of Pennsylvania, and Sarah Martinez-Helfman, Executive Director of the Eagles Youth Partnership of the Philadelphia Eagles, the first major athletic team to accept Secretary Sebelius’s Insure Kids Now challenge of 100% enrollment of children in health insurance.

You can read more about CHIP and how to connect kids with health coverage at For more questions or for help enrolling, you can also call PathWays PA at 610-543-5022.


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