Take Action on Unemployment Modernization!

Unemployment continues to exceed 9.3% throughout our state. How can we help the unemployed? One way to start would be to accept $273 million from the federal government in unemployment compensation (UC) funds.

Pennsylvania has the opportunity to join 39 other states in making some simple changes to our UC law. These changes include allowing workers to collect unemployment if they have to leave their job to care for a loved one who is ill or to escape a domestic violence situation. They would also make it easier for recent graduates and seasonal workers to get unemployment when they lose their jobs.

While the best solution for our economy is to help the unemployed find good jobs, this can be impossible in such a gloomy economy. Turning our backs on our fellow Pennsylvanians while they struggle to find work and make ends meet is not the solution.

If you support modernizing Pennsylvania's unemployment compensation, please contact your legislators and/or your local news media. $273 million stands at the ready to help our fellow citizens and support our local businesses. We should make the changes needed to get it.

image courtesy of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Map_of_us_states_by_unemployment_rate.png


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