Take Action for Responsible Taxes

(from our friends at the Coalition for Human Needs)

As soon as next week the Senate will begin debating a bill that will permanently extend tax cuts for middle class Americans earning below $250,000/year. We must act now to ensure that members of Congress hear the voices of those who support a responsible tax policy. To this aim, Americans for Responsible Taxes has organized a week of action designed to put pressure on the Senate to support middle class tax cuts and oppose giveaways to the wealthiest costing us $700 billion over the decade ($1 trillion including interest costs).

The message is simple:
  • Pass tax cuts for the middle class and working families, as the President has proposed, and let the tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% expire.
  • We critically need the $700 billion savings this would create to invest in jobs, protect important programs like Social Security and begin to pay down the long term deficit.
  • Don't hold tax cuts for the middle class hostage to an attempt to give more breaks to the wealthy.

Participate in two key actions:
  • National Call-in Day on Thursday 9/16: Simply follow this link to click on an icon that calls your Congressional office!
  • Email Campaign to Congressional Offices: Follow this link to send a letter to your Senator asking them to support tax cuts for the middle class while ending them for the wealthy.
More information on all events and resources for the week of action are available on the Americans for Responsible Taxes website.


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