PathWays PA Action Center

Are you ready to take action?

PathWays PA now offers an Action Center that you can use to write to your legislators and to your local news media on the issues that matter to you.

Legislative Action: Using the Action Center, you can send emails directly to your legislators about the issues that matter to you. We include facts and statistics on the issues, but you get to decide what you want to put in the letter! You don't even need to know who your legislators are - just put in your zip code and the alert will automatically go to the right people.

Currently in the Action Center, you can write to your legislators about:

Letters to the Editor: In addition to writing to your legislators, the Action Center includes an easy to use tool for writing letters to the editor of your local newspaper. These tools include talking points that you can arrange in your letter to complement your personal story or reason for supporting different policies. It takes just a minute to share your point of view!

Currently in the Action Center, you can write to letters to the editor about:

Please continue to check back for the latest issues, and tell us if there are new topics you would like us to cover!

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