Organizations: Sign letter to support the Pregnant and Parenting Students Access to Education Act

From our friends at the National Women's Law Center

On July 28, the Pregnant and Parenting Students Access to Education Act (H.R. 5894) was introduced in the House of Representatives. This legislation is aimed at improving high school graduation rates and access to postsecondary educational and career opportunities for pregnant and parenting students.

The legislation will set up a grant program to provide needed funds to states and local school districts. Among other things, grantees will be expected to offer academic support and related services to pregnant and parenting students, to designate a coordinator to oversee the education of pregnant and parenting students, and to revise school policies to remove barriers, some of which discriminate based on pregnancy in violation of Title IX.

The bill aims to change the culture at schools so that these students are no longer stigmatized and instead are encouraged to reach their educational goals. It also will help parenting students secure affordable child care and transportation services, and will invest resources in outreach to increase the enrollment and retention of pregnant and parenting students in school.

If your organization supports this bill, please sign a letter to help ensure that pregnant and parenting students have equal access to educational opportunity.


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