Join us on September 23 for "Pennsylvania's Workforce: The Role of Community Colleges"

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Pennsylvania's Workforce: The Role of Community Colleges

Carol Goertzel, President & CEO of PathWays PA
Vickie Choitz, Senior Policy Analyst, CLASP
Brandon Roberts, Working Poor Families Project

September 23, 2 PM
United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania
1709 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Philadelphia, PA 19103-1294

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PathWays PA is proud to announce a forum focused on the needs of Pennsylvania's workforce and the role community colleges can play within that workforce. The forum is based on a report from PathWays PA that examines the impact that community colleges and other workforce development can have on the earnings of Pennsylvanians.

While many students enter college straight from high school, a growing number of students need access to higher education after they have already entered the workforce. "Pennsylvania's Workforce: The Role of Community Colleges" examines the needs of adult workers in Pennsylvania and the part that community colleges can play in serving those needs.

In addition to discussing this report, participants will also have the opportunity to learn more about workforce development and community colleges from around the country. Vickie Choitz, Senior Policy Analyst at CLASP, will be speaking at this forum to highlight national research and information crucial to this important topic. Brandon Roberts, President of Brandon Roberts + Associates (which manages the national Working Poor Families Project) will also be on hand to discuss information on working low-income families.

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