From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Work force: Pennsylvania should keep Industry Partnerships

Please take a moment to read this article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and then take action on Industry Partnerships!
It seems like an easy thing to do -- businesses maintaining links with schools and training programs that provide the skills needed in prospective employees.

But rapidly changing technology and shifting needs at the workplace can make it difficult for companies, many of them small and with few workers, to find the new hires qualified to do today's jobs.

A Pennsylvania program, however, backed by business and labor called Industry Partnerships helps industries identify their training needs and communicate that to education partners. They, in turn, develop and deliver the training, creating job applicants who show up ready to work with the desired skills. The idea began under Gov. Richard Schweiker and came to fruition under Gov. Ed Rendell.

Today almost 6,300 Pennsylvania employers in 20 industries participate in 74 partnerships that have trained more than 73,000 workers. The state has invested $83 million in IPs, which has leveraged $54 million in matching dollars.
Read more on the Post-Gazette's website and take action now!


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