Does Your Community Have Inadequate Access to Full-Service Grocery Stores?

For roughly 23 million Americans, access to supermarkets is severely limited. TRF, a leader in neighborhood revitalization, has been working to improve fresh food access in underserved communities. TRF provides financing for supermarkets and other grocery stores that plan to operate in underserved communities across the Mid-Atlantic. By improving the retail food landscape in these communities, TRF’s programs provide families with increased access to fresh, more affordable foods.

TRF along with PolicyMap is offering data on the areas with low access to full-service grocery stores, or Low Access Areas (LAA).

This includes:
  • LAA location at the Census block group level
  • Average LAA score
  • Number of limited service stores in the LAA
  • Percentage of grocery retail expenditure leakage in the LAA
  • How LAA areas compare to non-LAA areas
 You can overlay these areas on any of publicly available information such as demographics, income, health, crime and more to learn more about the nature of these areas.

Also, you can find more information on TRF’s customized research and data analysis and on their efforts to improve food access in underserved communities.


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