12,000 Pennsylvanians May Lose Their Jobs if Way to Work is Not Extended

According to a new press release from CLASP, 12,000 Pennsylvania workers could lose their jobs at the end of the month without the extension of the Way to Work program.  Way to Work uses money from ARRA to subsidize employment for low-income Pennsylvanians (and others throughout the US).  Most of the job placements are in the private sector.

While the House has voted twice to extend the Way to Work program, which only began in spring 2010, the Senate has not yet taken action.  With 37 states currently operating Way to Work programs, the end date of September 30 may create a devastating effect on employment around the country.

image courtesy of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Recovery_Accountability_and_Transparency_Board_Logo_%28USA%29.jpg


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