Use This Congressional Recess to Weigh In on SNAP

(from our friends at the Coalition on Human Needs)

As Congress prepares to tackle Child Nutrition Reauthorization (HR 5504) when it returns from break, now is the time to ask them to move forward with the bill without cutting SNAP (food stamps)

The August recess provides a number of opportunities:

- Schedule Site Visits and District Appointments. Members of Congress are home until September 13. Scheduling a site visit at a school, agency or out-of-school time program is a great way for Members to see the great activities that include the nutrition programs. Or schedule a time to meet with your Member in person or through a "community conference call." For more information on either of these options, contact Etienne Melcher or Ellen Teller.

- Paper Plate Campaign. Use FRAC's food hardship data to highlight the need in your community (congressional district) for a strong child nutrition bill that doesn't cut SNAP benefits. While members are home, you can deliver or mail the plates to the district office closest to you. Can't get to an office? Decorate a plate and take a picture of it. You can post the picture online and send it to your Member's office. Contact Etienne Melcher if you need any assistance.

- Keep Those Calls Coming. Call your House Member and the White House during the summer recess to urge passage of H.R. 5504 without SNAP benefit cuts. Call toll-free, 1-877-425-4810, to connect to your Representative. The number at the White House switchboard is 202-456-1414.

- Use Facebook? Update your status with this message: "Wants you to call your Members and ask them to pass HR 5504 without cutting SNAP benefits."

- Keep Circulating the Sign-on Letter Opposing SNAP Benefit Cuts. More than 1,600 national, state, and community-based organizations have joined the letter opposing cuts to SNAP benefits. If you haven't signed on yet, now is a great time to do so. Make sure your colleagues and networks are on the letter as well.

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