Industry Partnerships - Out of Committee and on to the Senate

Pennsylvania State Capitol House ChamberYesterday, Industry Partnership (IP) legislation passed unanimously out of committee and is now on its way to debate on the state Senate floor.

IP's are consortia of businesses with similar products, markets and human resources needs that come together to identify and address common workforce education and training issues. Currently, more than 6,300 employers across Pennsylvania participate in 74 Industry Partnerships, and more than 73,000 Pennsylvanians have benefited from IP training. Individuals trained through Industry Partnerships see an average wage increase of over 6 percent as a result of their training.

The Industry Partnership bill amends the Pennsylvania Workforce Development Act to make Industry Partnerships a permanent part of Pennsylvania’s workforce development system. It will require the Department of Labor and Industry to continue defining targeted industries and High Priority Occupations and to administer a grant program when funds are made available.

Please take a moment today to call your senators and ask them to support the bill, which has already passed unanimously in the House.

Script: Hello, my name is ______, and I am (your job title and business/organization- e.g. Human Resources Manager at Important Corp./Administrator at Terrific Nonprofit). I live/work in the Senator’s district, and I am calling to ask Senator (name) to vote for the Industry Partnerships bill (SB 1409). (If you are a member of an IP, please let the legislative staffer know.)

You can also add:  The Industry Partnerships program is important to my business/organization because....
Some additional information on Industry Partnerships is below. Please call today!

  • Industry Partnerships have been remarkably successful in addressing the needs of both businesses and workers in the Commonwealth. More than 5,000 businesses have reported significant improvements in productivity and more than 70,000 workers have benefited from training, with average wage gains of 6.6% in one year.

  • Industry Partnerships deliver a high return on investment by achieving economies of scale in the design and delivery of training and increasing the effectiveness of other public and private investments in training

  • Industry Partnerships have strong business support with over 500 businesses signing a letter endorsing Industry Partnerships in the 2009-10 budget debate.
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