Young Parents Support Network

In collaboration with the Center Foundation, PathWays PA is actively recruiting clients for the Young Parents Support Network (YPSN). The YPSN is a program that provides mentoring services to young mothers and fathers, which eases the transition to self-sufficiency.

Clients enrolled in YPSN receive invaluable support from adult mentors along with financial education and career development training. Clients participate in workshops developed by PathWays PA, such as job readiness and financial awareness. “A career counselor helps a client find resources, such as school, training and classes which will allow them to obtain better paying jobs with benefits,” explains Tonya Diggs of PathWays PA. “Without counseling and guidance it becomes a terrible cycle of taking dead-end jobs without benefits and opportunities for upward mobility, which in turn leaves little room for one to become self-sufficient.”

The YPSN program also offers fun and informative family oriented activities for enrollees. Incentives and other prizes are available to clients who demonstrate hard work and success.

If you or someone you know can benefit from the Young Parents Support Network, contact Rachel at 610-565-6171.


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