PathWays PA’s Supervised Independent Living Program Helps Young Mothers Realize Their Potential

Below is the story of a PathWays PA client that was featured on our website:

A few years ago Evette Braswell was in a tough situation. Young, scared and with a family to care for, Evette was on the brink of losing everything. How would she take care of herself? Her children? Without skills or education, she was unable to find good work that would give her family any sense of security. Desperate for help and with nowhere to turn, Evette’s caseworker referred her to PathWays PA’s Supervised Independent Living Program (SIL). Once at PathWays PA, Evette found the security she was looking for, as well as the tools to help her provide for herself and her family, and to Evette nothing could have been more important.

At SIL, young pregnant and parenting teens are provided a place to live while they learn essential life, parenting and educational skills. They are coached toward meaningful education and/or career paths, and are encouraged to follow their game plan. Because many of the girls who come to SIL have backgrounds of chronic neglect and abuse, the skills they learn are vital to their growth as women, and as mothers. With the individualized attention they receive at SIL, clients learn how to take care of their children, and how to map out a future of financial stability for themselves and their families. Of the program, Evette says, “It has helped me to become a better mother to my children, and taught me how to become an independent woman. SIL has played an important role in my life, and in the life of my children; I wouldn't change it for the world.”

After three years in the program, Evette is prepared to become independent and she looks forward to what promises to be a bright future. She now works as a security guard but Evette is determined to save up enough money to continue her education, and to achieve the dream of home ownership. “The PathWays PA program opened my eyes to things I would've never discovered on my own. Without this help I would have lost my kids and would not have developed a positive outlook on life. PathWays PA helped me realize that if I remain focused and keep my eyes on the prize, I can achieve my dreams. I always keep in the back of my head that I’m not doing this just for myself, I’m doing it for my kids and for my family’s future.”


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