Support Foster Children and Families By Supporting the Foster Care Act

Every year in Pennsylvania, more than 31,000 young people are served through the foster care system. For those young people, the time spent in foster care may be confusing and scary as they go from day to day without knowing who will care for them and where they will be living. Foster care is also confusing for the birth parents and caregivers involved, as they may not fully understand their rights and responsibilities. The combined uncertainty makes it even more difficult to support children and keep them safe.

Much of the uncertainly stems from the fact that children and their families must know and understand requirements that are scattered among various laws and regulations. When there are issues or questions, knowing where to find the information can be difficult. In Pennsylvania, the Children in Foster Care Act (HB 2338) has been introduced to take steps towards ensuring that children and their caregivers are fully informed. The bill will provide easy-to-understand information detailing the protections in place for children as well as common grievance procedures. This act would provide clear and concise information for the care of the children and youth in foster care.

Through HB 2238, Pennsylvania has a unique opportunity to improve the services provided to children in foster care with no new state costs. PathWays PA is already helping to make a difference by joining the Children in Foster Care Act Campaign. You can also make a difference by supporting this legislation and joining the Children in Foster Care Act Campaign today.


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