Michelle Obama Speaks at the White House Forum on Workplace Flexibility

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Last week, the White House held a Forum to discuss Workplace Flexibility. At this event, Michelle Obama (among others) spoke about the need for more flexibility in the workplace, including allowing employees to earn sick time.
Many folks don't have access to any kind of family leave policies whatsoever. No flexible working arrangements. Many people don't even have a paid sick day. So they are struggling -- struggling every day to find affordable childcare; or someone to look after an aging parent, which is becoming more the issue; scrambling to make things work when the usual arrangements fall through. All of us have been through that.
Right now at the federal, state, and city level there is legislation that would let workers earn more sick time flexibility. In order for the bills to move forward and become law, it is crucial that your US, state, and local representatives hear from you.

In Pennsylvania, 46 percent of workers do not have access to any paid sick time. These individuals must choose between sending their children to school or day care sick or losing their pay (and possibly their jobs) to stay home and care for them. With so many families living paycheck to paycheck and still struggling to make ends meet, flexibility in the workplace is crucial to give families just a little bit of breathing room.


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