Sign Letter to Oppose Abortion Restrictions in Health Care Reform

NARAL Pro-Choice America has put together a letter urging Speaker Nancy Pelosi not to accept language in health care reform that compromises women’s reproductive health. The Speaker may be considering moving health care reform forward with the Senate bill, which is not the vehicle for real reform.

The Senate bill includes language requiring consumers who purchase a health-insurance plan with abortion coverage in the proposed exchange to make two separate payments: one to purchase health coverage overall and another to pay for the actuarial value of coverage for abortion. This language imposes unacceptable new restrictions that would result in most private health insurers no longer offering coverage for abortion. Since most women with private health insurance currently have coverage for abortion, the Nelson provision would take away benefits that women have now.

If you oppose the Nelson provision and want to urge lawmakers to make significant improvements either through the health-care-reform bill or another related legislative vehicle, please join NARAL by signing on to their letter. To sign on, contact Sarah Rich at NARAL at (202) 973-3057 or by March 5th at noon.

Health-care reform must strengthen coverage for women and must not limit access to coverage that women need and already have.


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