Cost of adultBasic to Increase Again

While the health care debate continues, the need for reform continues to grow. A Pennsylvania program meant to provide health insurance to those who could not afford coverage, adultBasic, is again increasing the cost of buying into the program.

The adultBasic program currently has a waiting list of 383,249, while 40,507 are currently enrolled. Those on the wait list are able to buy into the program. This month the rate to buy in was increased by 80 percent, from $330 a month to $600 a month. On July 1st, the buy in rate will increase yet again up to $629 a month.

Individual who are on the waiting list for adultBasic are those who are unable to afford or find coverage on their own. To continue increasing the amount people have to pay while on the long waiting list will only mean more uninsured Pennsylvanians.


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