Super Bowl Ads Include Talking Babies, Famous Celebrities, and Coming Soon: Anti-Choice Messages

Many watch the Super Bowl not just for the game, but for the commercials. In the past, broadcasting companies have held fast to a policy of not accepting ads they deem contentious. Citing this policy, ads from organizations such as and the United Church of Christ were found to be too controversial to be aired.

This Super Bowl, CBS has approved the airing of an anti-choice ad featuring Tim Tebow, the quarterback for the University of Florida’s football team, and his mother discussing her choice not to have an abortion. Ms. Tebow made a difficult decision regarding a pregnancy which threatened her life, a decision which many must make every day. But in reality, the important part of her decision is not the choice she made, but that she had a choice. Just as no doctor should have had the right to force her to terminate her pregnancy because of its risk, no doctor should have the right to force a woman to continue a pregnancy under any circumstances. Ms. Tebow was able to make a choice, the choice that was right for her and her family based on her circumstances – every woman should have that same opportunity.

Call CBS Broadcasting and tell them that airing this ad, while denying others, only shows one side of the story. Call 212-975-4321


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