PathWays PA Letter to the Editor: Enhance Women’s Choice, Do Not Limit It

To the Editor:

When it comes to buying insurance, women do not plan for an unintended or complicated pregnancy any more than men plan for unexpected medical complications or issues. Yet under current health reform plans, men will be able to receive treatment specific to their health needs, while women may not have access to an abortion that can save their health and their lives.

By banning abortion coverage or requiring women to write two checks (one for abortion coverage and one for the rest of their health insurance), the Stupak and Nelson Amendments create an unworkable situation for insurance companies and a burdensome situation for women. The health care debate should focus on how we can support women's health and well-being by expanding access, not by prohibiting women from undergoing a lawful procedure.

Current proposals will thankfully end gender rating and prevent insurance companies from classifying pregnancy or domestic violence as pre-existing conditions. We hope legislators will continue to work on these proposals to enhance women’s choice, not limit it.

Carol Goertzel
PathWays PA
Holmes, PA


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