Stand Up for Equity in Athletics

Take Action for PA Girls!

Contact your State Senator and State Representative, and urge them to support Senate Bill 890 and House Bill 2061, the legislation requiring Pennsylvania secondary schools to publicly disclose information pertaining to Title IX requirements. Find your state legislators and their contact information here.

Title IX is the federal law passed in 1972 that requires educational institutions to give equal treatment to male and female athletes. Despite great progress made in the 38 years since this law was enacted, high school girls still receive 1.3 million fewer participation opportunities than do boys, and evidence suggests that the money spent on girls' sports programs lags significantly behind the money spent on boys' programs.

More information can be found on the Women's Law Project's website.

National Girls and Women in Sports Day News Conference

Join State Representative Tim Briggs, State Senator Mary Jo White, and the Pennsylvania Commission for Women's Executive Director, Leslie Stiles, as they recognize National Girls and Women in Sports Day, an annual celebration honoring the achievements of girls and women in sports and encouraging the continued expansion of opportunities for girls and women to play sports.

WHEN: Wednesday, February 3, 2010 1:00pm
WHERE: Capitol Rotunda, Harrisburg, PA

During this event, speakers will take the opportunity to discuss the importance of state legislation (SB 890 and HB 2061) that would require Pennsylvania secondary schools to disclose to the state information pertaining to Title IX requirements.

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