New York Times Report: 6 Million Americans Live on Food Stamps and No Other Income

As the recession continues, the importance of food stamps looms large for families unemployed or underemployed. A recent report showed that half of all children in the US will have used food stamps (SNAP) by the time they turn 21. Yesterday, a new article from The New York Times estimated that 6 million Americans had no other income besides what they receive in SNAP benefits (which can only be used to purchase food items).
In declarations that states verify and the federal government audits, they described themselves as unemployed and receiving no cash aid — no welfare, no unemployment insurance, and no pensions, child support or disability pay.

Their numbers were rising before the recession as tougher welfare laws made it harder for poor people to get cash aid, but they have soared by about 50 percent over the past two years. About one in 50 Americans now lives in a household with a reported income that consists of nothing but a food-stamp card. [our italics]
Overall, one in eight Americans, including one in four children, receive food stamps.

If you, your family, or anyone you know is struggling to pay for food, please contact PathWays PA for a prescreening over the phone to see if you qualify for food stamps. We can be reached at 610-543-5022 if you live in Delaware County, or 215-387-1470 in Philadelphia. You can also call the PA Hunger Action Center at 800-FOOD-997.

You can qualify for food stamps even if you work or own a car. To learn more about myths and facts regarding food stamps, please read this information from the USDA. (Para aprender mas sobre los mitos y hechos con respecta a Food Stamps, por favor, lea esta informacion del USDA)

Do you or anyone you know rely on food stamps? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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