Staying Healthy in Troubled Times: Recession Healthcare Toolkit

The Recession Healthcare Toolkit, created by the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, provides valuable information that can help you stay healthy in these hard times. Whether skipping meals or delaying a trip to the doctor, the current recession is affecting the health of many, while the stress of doing more with less affects us all. Families have stopped their gym membership, cut back on healthy but more expensive foods, and even lost their jobs and/or health insurance.

For information on issues from insurance to dealing with stress, this website provides tips on how to cope with a wide range of issues and problems.

Below is an example of tips on Shopping and Eating Smart:
Deciding which foods to serve your family each week can be hard, especially if you are on a tight budget. Creating a healthier food plan depends on what foods are in season, what foods your family likes, and what foods you have at home already. You can also plan around sale items. Not only will you make more informed choices, but you may also be able to save money and time.

Make a Plan, read more.
Grocery Shopping Tips, click here for more tips.
Saving Money (and Calories) on Healthy Meals and Snacks, read more.
More Great Resources Nutrition page.

Other topics covered include:

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