More Information on SNAP

Food stamps (SNAP) has been a focal point in recent weeks following the publication of a report showing that half of all children in the US will use the program at some point before they turn 21. Courtesy of Foodlinks, here are some more facts on SNAP:

  • More than one in eight Americans now receives benefits from SNAP, with 20,000 more joining their ranks every day.
  • At least a quarter of the population receives food stamps in 239 US counties
  • At least one in three children use food stamps in 800 US counties
  • Nationally, only about one out of every three people eligible for food stamps actually received them in 2007
  • In Pennsylvania, 72 percent of eligible people participated in the food stamp program, ranking the state 11th in the country.
If you, your family, or anyone you know is struggling to pay for food, please contact PathWays PA for a prescreening over the phone to see if you qualify for food stamps. We can be reached at 610-543-5022 if you live in Delaware County, or 215-387-1470 in Philadelphia. You can also call the PA Hunger Action Center at 800-FOOD-997.

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