Call in To Support the CLASS Act!

Ericsson bakelittelefon 1931AAHSA is sponsoring a call-in day on December 3 to ask for Congressional support of the CLASS Act, which would provide a new opportunity for workers to save towards long-term care in retirement. Please make your call to (800) 958-5374 between 8:30 AM and 6:00 PM EST to ask Congress for their support of the bill, which is currently part of healthcare legislation.

Sample Script:
Hello. I am calling to ask Senator ___________________ to make sure the CLASS Act remains in the final health reform legislation. People need help accessing the long-term services and supports that help them remain independent and at home. The CLASS Act is an affordable, accessible and fiscally solvent way to provide these services and reduce Medicaid costs at the same time. I thank Senator ___________________ in advance for the support, and I look forward to a response.


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