Study: Nearly Half of All American Children Will Receive Food Stamps Before Age 20

As the number of Americans receiving SNAP benefits, commonly known as food stamps continues to rise, a new study published in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine reveals that nearly half of all American children before the age of 20 will live in households receiving SNAP benefits.

Poverty expert Mark Rank, PhD, conducted the study and estimates that the total number of children living in SNAP eligible households is even greater. This is because only 67% of people who are eligible for food stamps actually receive them, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

In his study, Rank highlights a correlation between receiving SNAP benefits and increased incidents of poverty and food insecurity, two of the most harmful condition affecting childhood health and development. Without financial and food security, children are exposed to periods of unwanted economic turmoil and hardship, which pose as risks to a child’s health and development. This insecurity is suspected to be especially common among minorities, where ninety percent of black children versus thirty-seven percent of white children will live in households that use SNAP benefits.

PathWays PA encourages all families to check to see if they qualify for SNAP. Providing food security for children helps families achieve greater financial stability, health, and self-sufficiency. For more information about food stamps, contact PathWays PA at 1-800-209-2914.

--Anna Walker


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