Senate Hearing on H1N1 and Paid Sick Days

Yesterday, Senator Chris Dodd and others gathered to hold a hearing on H1N1 and paid sick days. You can view the entire hearing on the committee website (FYI, the video starts as soon as you open the link), and read the submitted testimony there as well. During the hearing, Senator Dodd proposed introducing legislation that would ensure people with the flu had paid sick days.

MomsRising member Desiree Rosado was one of the speakers at the hearing. As MomsRising reports:

“We are trying to pay down debts and make our family financially stable, but it’s a hard road,” Rosado told the Subcommittee in her testimony. “And it’s made a lot harder because whenever we get sick or our children get sick, we have to decide whether to stay home without pay, or to disregard doctor’s orders and risk getting sicker and infecting other by going to work or school.”

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