PathWays PA E-Newsletter: November 2, 2009

In an effort to improve future alerts, we have created a brief survey about PathWays PA Special Budget Alerts. Please take a few minutes and let us know what you thought of our Budget Alerts and how we may be able to improve them. Also, please stay tuned, as next year’s budget is already right around the corner.


Urge Your Legislator to Not be Pacified Until Health Care Reform is Passed that Works for all Kids and Families

Urge your Congressional Representatives to show that they too won't be pacified until healthcare reform is passed that works for all kids and families!

Right now the headlines about health reform center on adults, while millions of children remain uncovered or under-insured. Lets not be pacified until Congress delivers a health reform plan that meets kids’ needs. That means:
  • Dependable preventive care to catch problems early, keep kids in schoolrooms and out of emergency rooms and avoid unnecessary health care costs
  • A guarantee of affordable quality coverage for all kids that goes beyond fix-it care and helps them grow and reach their potential
  • Simplifying enrollment systems, so neither private nor public bureaucracies stand between an eligible child and the care he or she needs
The need is great: In a recent survey, one in ten parents reported delaying a child’s health care because of the recession–and that rate doubles for low-income parents. It's time to deliver healthcare reform that works for kids and families!

MomsRising has a form in order to contact your legislators to let them know that health care reform must work for everyone, even kids.


Election Day – November 3rd

State Judges and Appellate Justices, City District Attorney, City Controller, Judges and Inspector of Elections, and Trial Judges including Common Pleas, Municipal, and Traffic Court Judges (See for more info)

WHO CAN VOTE: All registered Philadelphians over the age of 18 who registered by October 5, 2009. You can vote if you are on probation or parole, serving time for a misdemeanor, in jail awaiting trial, on house arrest, have a previous felony record in PA or another state. You cannot vote if you are currently serving time for a felony or are on pre-release status.

WHERE DO I VOTE: To find out where to vote, you can call:
In Philadelphia: Commissioners’ Office, 215-686-1590 or the Committee of Seventy’s Citizen Access Center, 866-268-8603.
Statewide: Visit for more information

For other questions about voting please visit the Vote for Homes Coalition Website.

Influenza Immunization Awareness Night and the Philadelphia Flyers

Discounted tickets are available at rates of $25 (Mezzanine rows 8-11) and $35 (rows 12-15) for the Flyers vs. the Ottawa Senators on Thursday December 10 at 7:00 pm. You can order tickets online by entering promotion code 158immu or by calling Dan Ryan at 215-218-4329.

The first 500 visitors that visit the Immunization Table will receive a Free T-Shirt.

Do You Need Help Paying for Post-Secondary Education?

PathWays PA offers Individual Development Accounts (IDAs), a matched savings program that offers financial education while helping you save for school. Through the program, your savings can be matched at a rate of three-to-one. If you save $500, we will give you an additional $1500 to go towards your school expenses.

Applicants must meet program income guidelines, be working (full or part time), and be enrolled or accepted into an accredited institution.

If you are interested or have any questions, please e-mail Greg Potestio at

Need Assistance With Public Benefits Applications?

PathWays PA provides assistance to those who need help applying for food stamps or other benefits. For further information, you can contact our office in Philadelphia 215-387-1470 or Delaware County 610-543-5022.

For more information about the services provided by PathWays PA please visit our website.


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