Let’s Talk Turkey….and Health Care Reform

Not sure how you will survive Thanksgiving? Whether gathering with family or friends, it isn’t always an easy time (especially for the turkey). Once politics enters the conversation, it can turn into a minefield. Luckily, Families USA has a helpful survival guide for dealing with your favorite relatives, including talking to your:

Grandma on Medicare
Aunt with a pre-existing condition
Cousin, new to the job market
Sister who owns a small business

NWLC is also offering a short Thanksgiving Survival Guide that doubles as an e-card – a great way to wish friends and family a Happy Turkey Day while reminding them of the need for healthcare.

If your family is lucky enough to be in good health and securely employed (with access to healthcare) you all have a great deal to be thankful for this holiday season. Around the dinner table, please remember that health care reform can help so many others who are less fortunate.


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