Upcoming Webchat on Cosleeping

If you do an internet search on cosleeping (the practice of a child, often an infant, sleeping in the same bed as a parent), people both for and against the practice show up immediately in the search results. WHYY will host a webchat on cosleeping on Tuesday, October 27, to discuss both sides of the story.

Those against cosleeping point to statistics showing that SIDS as well as accidental suffocation and strangulation are heightened when parents and children sleep together, while those for cosleeping believe it improves parent-child bonding and encourages breast-feeding.

Here at PathWays PA, we continue to work with parents to warn them of the dangers of cosleeping, since many parents feel they are aware (even when asleep) of their child's location in the bed, or think that accidents will not happen to them. Unfortunately, parents are not always aware, while their beds hold many hazards for children, such as space where a child could become wedged or too-soft bedding.

We're interested in learning more about your thoughts - please let us know in the comments what you think, and please join the webchat!


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