Philadelphians Needing Assistance Keeping the Roof Over their Head May Have Help Today

The City of Philadelphia Office of Supportive Housing (OSH) will receive funding under the American Recovery Act for Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing. This funding will be used to assist both currently homeless households and those at risk of becoming homeless without this assistance.

The funding is intended to serve renters or households residing in emergency housing and transitional housing facilities. The assistance can be used for rental and utility assistance, housing stabilization services, and moving costs for households at or below 50 percent of the median area income. Homeowners can receive assistance with utilities and housing stabilization services only.

There are three programs related to this funding: Community-Based Homelessness prevention, a Diversion Program, and a Rapid Rehousing Program:

Community-Based Homelessness Prevention Program – available to all Philadelphia residents who meet the eligibility criteria
  • Eligible households are those at risk for homelessness due to rental or utility delinquencies, but are likely to maintain housing with assistance.
  • Financial Assistance may include help with security deposit, rental arrearages, rental payments, utility arrearages, utility deposit, utility payments, and/or moving costs. Housing stabilization services include housing-related counseling, legal services, credit repair, linkages to other social services, and/or relocation. Households will be expected to contribute to the package of financial assistance.
Diversion Program – targeted to households that are seeking shelter
  • Households seeking shelter services at Appletree Family or Ridge Avenue Central Intake Centers will have the opportunity to be assessed by an OSH staff and diverted from entering the shelter system and referred to a Prevention Provider.
Rapid Re-Housing Program
  • Goal is to rapidly re-house and sustain households in permanent housing by providing the first month’s rent, security deposit, rental assistance, utility assistance and/or housing stabilization services.
OSH has subcontracted with ten community-based provider agencies to provide Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing services.


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