Personal Story: Husband Joins Army to Ensure his Wife will have Health Care to Treat her Cancer

During this recession people are not only loosing their jobs, they are also losing their health insurance at a rate of nearly 14,000 Americans daily.

Bill Caudle is just one person who lost his health care when he was laid off from his job. Without insurance, his family was in an especially precarious position, because Bill’s wife, Michelle, was an ovarian cancer patient. After months of unsuccessfully looking for other employment, at 39 years old Bill did the only thing he could do to get his wife the care she needed, he joined the army.

For four years he will have to leave his wife, while she battles cancer, and their three children in order to solve the family’s health coverage problem. While Bill has always wanted to do something for his country, the main reason that he decided to enlist was for the insurance.

While Bill’s decision is a courageous one, it is something that the need for health care should not have forced him to make. Health care reform is necessary to ensure that individuals are able to get the care they need, when they need it, and without having to make enormous personal sacrifices to do so.


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